A team of twelve faculty received a big center grant (main PI: Dr. Ahn, sub-PIs: Dr. Jong-Hwan Lee and Dr. Taesup Moon) from the National Research Foundation (NRF) of Korea aiming to build robust and explainable artificial neural networks for analyzing multi-modal (behavior/neuroimaging/genomic) data! At the kick-off meeting held on June 21st, we presented our research and discussed how to collaborate to build and apply state-of-the-art deep neural networks to neuroscientific data.

Dr. Ahn will give invited talks at the following international meetings. Stay tuned!

Dr. Ahn had an interview for the APS Observer feature called Careers Up Close, which spotlights interviews with researchers doing innovative work in industry and academia. Here is the link to his interview that highlights his research and career path, along with some advice for students.

The Brain-Mind-Behaior symposium was held via Zoom on Dec 10, 2020 and 11 undergrad students presented their research projects. Boyoung Kim in the CCS Lab successfully completed her independent research project and won a poster award! Congratulations!

Congratulations to Boyoung Kim and Sanghoon Kang for receiving the dissertation research award for SNU undergrads!

Dr. Ahn gave give a lecture on reinforcement learning (RL) and tutorials on RL/hBayesDM at the 2020 Computational Psychiatry Course organized by the Translational Neuromodeling Unit (TNU), Zürich. Many thanks to Jaeyeong Yang and Nate Haines who served as assistants in the tutorials.

We had a small competition at the hBayesDM tutorials and had a lot of fun! Santiago Castiello de Obeso and Paul Sands are hBayesDM tutorial winners in the morning and afternoon sessions, respectively. Congratulations!


Harhim, Hyeonjin, and Soyeon received their master’s degree in Psychology in August 2020! Cheoljun also graduated from college (Valedictorian in the College of Engineering at SNU this year!) and is joining our lab as a full-time RA from September 2020. It was also the last day for Dongjoo in the CCS Lab as an undergrad RA and thanks for sharing your pictures with the lab. Big congrats all and best wishes for your next adventure!

End-of-semester lab activities and dinner on the SNU campus :) The black team won!