hBayesDM 1.1.1 2021-05-03

  • Fix symbolic link errors for stan files and example data.

hBayesDM 1.1.0 Unreleased

  • Added the cumulative model for the Cambridge gambling task: cgt_cm.
  • Added two new models for aversive learning tasks: alt_delta and alt_gamma.
  • Added exponential-weight mean-variance model for BART task: bart_ewmv.
  • Added simple Q learning model for the probabilistic selection task: prl_Q.
  • Added signal detection theory model for 2-alternative forced choice task: task2AFC_sdt.

hBayesDM 1.0.2 2019-11-13

  • Fixed an error on using data.frame objects as data (#112).

hBayesDM 1.0.1 2019-09-01

  • Minor fix on the plotting function.

hBayesDM 1.0.0 2019-08-30

Major changes

  • Now, hBayesDM has both R and Python version, with same models included! You can run hBayesDM with a language you prefer!
  • Models in hBayesDM are now specified as YAML files. Using the YAML files, R and Python codes are generated automatically. If you want to contribute hBayesDM by adding a model, what you have to do is just to write a Stan file and to specify its information! You can find how to do in the hBayesDM wiki (https://github.com/CCS-Lab/hBayesDM/wiki).
  • Model functions try to use parameter estimates using variational Bayesian methods as its initial values for MCMC sampling by default (#96). If VB estimation fails, then it uses random values instead.
  • The data argument for model functions can handle a data.frame object (#2, #98).
  • choiceRT_lba and choiceRT_lba_single are temporarily removed since their codes are not suitable to the new package structure. We plan to re-add the models in future versions.
  • The Cumulative Model for Cambridge Gambling Task is added (cgt_cm; #108).

Minor changes

  • The tau parameter in all models for the risk aversion task is modified to be bounded to [0, 30] (#77, #78).
  • bart_4par is fixed to compute subject-wise log-likelihood (#82).
  • extract_ic is fixed for its wrong rep function usage (#94, #100).
  • The drift rate (delta parameter) in choiceRT_ddm and choiceRT_ddm_single is unbounded and now it is estimated between [-Inf, Inf] (#95, #107).
  • Fix a preprocessing error in choiceRT_ddm and choiceRT_ddm_single (#95, #109).
  • Fix igt_orl for a wrong Matt trick operation (#110).

hBayesDM 0.7.2 2019-02-12

  • Add three new models for the bandit4arm task: bandit4arm_2par_lapse, bandit4arm_lapse_decay and bandit4arm_singleA_lapse.
  • Fix various (minor) errors.

hBayesDM 0.7.1 2019-01-21

  • Make it usable without manually loading rstan.
  • Remove an annoying warning about using ..insensitive_data_columns.

hBayesDM 0.7.0 2018-12-13

  • Now, in default, you should build a Stan file into a binary for the first time to use it. To build all the models on installation, you should set an environmental variable BUILD_ALL to true before installation.
  • Now all the implemented models are refactored using hBayesDM_model function. You don’t have to change anything to use them, but developers can easily implement new models now!
  • We added a Kalman filter model for 4-armed bandit task (bandit4arm2_kalman_filter; Daw et al., 2006) and a probability weighting function for general description-based tasks (dbdm_prob_weight; Erev et al., 2010; Hertwig et al., 2004; Jessup et al., 2008).
  • Initial values of parameter estimation for some models are updated as plausible values, and the parameter boundaries of several models are fixed (see more on issue #63 and #64 in Github).
  • Exponential and linear models for choice under risk and ambiguity task now have four model regressors: sv, sv_fix, sv_var, and p_var.
  • Fix the Travix CI settings and related codes to be properly passed.

hBayesDM 0.6.3 Unreleased

  • Update the dependencies on rstan (>= 2.18.1)
  • No changes on model files, as same as the version 0.6.2

hBayesDM 0.6.2 Unreleased

  • Fix an error on choiceRT_ddm (#44)

hBayesDM 0.6.1 Unreleased

  • Solve an issue with built binary files.
  • Fix an error on peer_ocu with misplaced parentheses.

hBayesDM 0.6.0 2018-09-11

  • Add new tasks (Balloon Analogue Risk Task, Choice under Risk and Ambiguity Task, Probabilistic Selection Task, Risky Decision Task (a.k.a. Happiness task), Wisconsin Card Sorting Task)
  • Add a new model for the Iowa Gambling Task (igt_orl)
  • Change priors (Half-Cauchy(0, 5) –> Half-Cauchy(0, 1) or Half-Normal(0, 0.2)
  • printFit function now provides LOOIC weights and/or WAIC weights

hBayesDM 0.5.1 Unreleased

  • Add models for the Two Step task
  • Add models without indecision point parameter (alpha) for the PRL task (prl_*_woa.stan)
  • Model-based regressors for the PRL task are now available
  • For the PRL task & prl_fictitious.stan & prl_fictitious_rp.stan –> change the range of alpha (indecision point) from [0, 1] to [-Inf, Inf]

hBayesDM 0.5.0 2018-01-03

  • Support variational Bayesian methods (vb=TRUE)
  • Allow posterior predictive checks, except for drift-diffusion models (inc_postpred=TRUE)
  • Add the peer influence task (Chung et al., 2015, USE WITH CAUTION for now and PLEASE GIVE US FEEDBACK!)
  • Add ‘prl_fictitious_rp’ model
  • Made changes to be compatible with the newest Stan version (e.g., // instead of # for commenting).
  • In ’prl_*’ models, ‘rewlos’ is replaced by ‘outcome’ so that column names and labels would be consistent across tasks as much as possible.
  • Email feature is disabled as R mail package does not allow users to send anonymous emails anymore.
  • When outputs are saved as a file (*.RData), the file name now contains the name of the data file.

hBayesDM 0.4.0 2017-05-23

  • Add a choice reaction time task and evidence accumulation models
    • Drift diffusion model (both hierarchical and single-subject)
    • Linear Ballistic Accumulator (LBA) model (both hierarchical and single-subject)
  • Add PRL models that can fit multiple blocks
  • Add single-subject versions for the delay discounting task (dd_hyperbolic_single and dd_cs_single).
  • Standardize variable names across all models (e.g., rewlos –> outcome for all models)
  • Separate versions for CRAN and GitHub. All models/features are identical but the GitHub version contains precompilled models.

hBayesDM 0.3.1 Unreleased

  • Remove dependence on the modeest package. Now use a built-in function to estimate the mode of a posterior distribution.
  • Rewrite the “printFit” function.

hBayesDM 0.3.0 2017-01-22

  • Made several changes following the guidelines for R packages providing interfaces to Stan.
  • Stan models are precompiled and models will run immediately when called.
  • The default number of chains is set to 4.
  • The default value of adapt_delta is set to 0.95 to reduce the potential for divergences.
  • The “printFit” function uses LOOIC by default. Users can select WAIC or both (LOOIC & WAIC) if needed.

hBayesDM 2016-12-28

  • Add help files
  • Add a function for checking Rhat values (rhat).
  • Change a link to its tutorial website

hBayesDM 2016-12-21

  • Use wide normal distributions for unbounded parameters (gng_* models).
  • Automatic removal of rows (trials) containing NAs.

hBayesDM 2016-09-30

  • Add a function for plotting individual parameters (plotInd)

hBayesDM 0.2.3 2016-07-17

  • Add a new task: the Ultimatum Game
  • Add new models for the Probabilistic Reversal Learning and Risk Aversion tasks
  • ‘bandit2arm’ -> change its name to ‘bandit2arm_delta’. Now all model names are in the same format (i.e., TASK_MODEL).
  • Users can extract model-based regressors from gng_m* models
  • Include the option of customizing control parameters (adapt_delta, max_treedepth, stepsize)
  • ‘plotHDI’ function -> add ‘fontSize’ argument & change the color of histogram

hBayesDM 0.2.1 2016-04-03

Bug fixes

  • All models: Fix errors when indPars=“mode”
  • ra_prospect model: Add description for column names of a data (*.txt) file


  • Change standard deviations of ‘b’ and ‘pi’ priors in gng_* models

hBayesDM 0.2.0 2016-03-25

Initially released.