Plots individual posterior distributions, using the stan_plot function of the rstan package

plotInd(obj = NULL, pars, show_density = T, ...)



An output of the hBayesDM. Its class should be 'hBayesDM'.


(from stan_plot's help file) Character vector of parameter names. If unspecified, show all user-defined parameters or the first 10 (if there are more than 10)


T(rue) or F(alse). Show the density (T) or not (F)?


(from stan_plot's help file) Optional additional named arguments passed to stan_plot, which will be passed to geoms. See stan_plot's help file.


if (FALSE) { # Run a model output <- dd_hyperbolic("example", 2000, 1000, 3, 3) # Plot the hyper parameters ('k' and 'beta') plot(output) # Plot individual 'k' (discounting rate) parameters plotInd(output, "k") # Plot individual 'beta' (inverse temperature) parameters plotInd(output, "beta") # Plot individual 'beta' parameters but don't show density plotInd(output, "beta", show_density = F) }