Jihyun (Cindy) Hur

Graduate Student (Clinical)

Jihyun (Cindy) Hur is a graduate student in the CCS Lab (September 2019 - August 2021). She received a Master’s degree in Psychology from SNU in August 2021 and a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting from Washington University in St. Louis with Honors in Management (May 2018). She is broadly interested in understanding neural mechanisms underlying psychiatric disorders and building affordable biomarkers. Her main research areas include fMRI, fNIRS, brain development, computational modeling, reinforcement learning, and machine learning. Balancing between quantitative and qualitative approaches, she hopes to become a scientist and clinician who promotes more individual-focused research and treatment.

Jihyun will work as a full-time research assitant in Dr. Rob Rutledge’s lab at Yale University from Sep 2021.